Monday, July 30, 2007

xmms - multimedia player install howto

How to play MP3 in fedora?
How to install XMMS?

xmms man:
XMMS is the X Multimedia System. It is used to play audio and other kinds of media files. By default XMMS can play MPEG audio, Ogg, Vorbis, RIFF wav, most module formats, and a few other formats. XMMS can be extended through plugins to play a number of other audio and video formats

Due to patent and licensing concerns, Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS did not include any MP3 support for legal reasons. But OGG Vorbis is widely regarded as a superior format to MP3, which is 100% free.
Listen to it for yourself.

If you wish to have this MP3 support with your XMMS player, you need to install and enable livna repo into one of your yum repos, which was blogged a fews ago, and follow the installation yum procedure.


Here is how to install an alternative multimedia player called XMMS.

# yum -y install xmms*

This will install everything that starts with xmms, including skins, equalizer plugins, visual and audio plugins, since all xmms rpm starts with xmms term, so there's no real issue about that.

If you wish to support XMMS MP3 plugin, simply enable your livna repo, and issue:

# yum -y install xmms-mp3

**It is adviseable to install everything from single repo, livna, although you can get it from fedora too without the xmms-mp3 support.


Ctrl+F2, xmms

Looks familiar?


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