Tuesday, July 17, 2007

digikam - KDE photo management install howto

Do you know that Fedora is known to be first distro to make use of Linux Directory server, SELinux, mono-based program/tools, with most attention to 2.6.X kernels and more?

What do you know, I intent to have KDE audience too!

Here's a quick way to install KDE-based photo management tool called DigiKam .

A few nice things I also like with DigiKam are

* Tags, rating, date/time, comments, photographers ID, and copyrights are stored in EXIF and/or IPTC metadata tags embedded in pictures. Comments are also stored in JPEG files to JFIF section.

A lote more features are available for viewing here

What do you know, it also detects plugged USB devices too! Also runs under Gnome environment.

Linux world is wonderful, takes you to a variety of application choices.

Here's a quick preview:

I almost forgot, here's the install commands:

# yum -y install digikam
Hope you enjoy it too!


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