Wednesday, July 25, 2007

stop and start networking service howto

Enabling and disabling your network card in windows is quite different in linux world. Here in linux world, we are referring them as stopping and starting a daemonized service. Services are known to be one of multithreading feature integrated in linux architecture, and from my own personal view, which begun available with window$ NT during its first flight, perhaps that gave her a term of New Technology (NT) making use of these runnable/stopable concepts.

Here are quick CLI ways, based on redhat-based distro, to stop and start your networking service. The below would stop and your networking service.

Take note that any ONBOOT=no line arguments included fromyour /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth* would not be included from starting/stopping the service.


# service network stop
# service network start
# service network restart

Another way of starting/stopping your NIC service

# ifup eth0
# ifdown eth1

For linux newbies and just starting with linux terminal commands. You may want to try

# system-config-network-tui

which would present you a text-based menu for doing the same process.

You are reminded that all receive/transmit (RX/TX) packets would be down from stopping the service

Alternatively using GUI:

# system-config-network

From there, you can choose a particular ethernet interface to stop and start it. Keep in mind that stopping would disconnect all you remote ssh connections as well as all your established WWW connections.

Additionally, when linux OS starts booting, the network daemon service is one of the services usually being started at linux bootup process.


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