Sunday, July 22, 2007

change display setting howto

Most newbies find it hard and confusing on how change settings of their display settings using linux. If you are a bit new with the system, and having trouble finding your way on linux control panel. Here's one easy way of changing the following those values under redhat-based OS.

Make use of system-config-display

This is basically installed on Gnome mode installation. If not, simply

# yum -y install system-config-display

And launch

# system-config-display

The below settings are changeable using this simple program.

a. display resolution (VGA resolution based on detected plugged VGA card and xorg.conf changes)
b. display color dept (million or thousand colors)
c. monitor type and configuration (monitor model selection including generic model)
d. video card type and configuration (video model selection)
e. display view mode (single, dual)


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