Monday, July 9, 2007

skype install howto

Skype software allows you to make free calls (audio or video) on any Skype members and users, anywhere in the world. VOIP calling from your box using skype network can be done by simple ways.

Launch your editor, and create a new file named skype.repo under /etc/yum.repod.d and add these lines :

name=Skype Repository

and save. No need to restart, just issue as root:

# yum -y install skype

-y answer yes for all questions and dependency installation requirements.

or launch skype directly by CLI

# skype &

The shortcut menu is available under Applications > Internet ..

Note: The repo file could be updated and compared here

Alternatively, you may go to Skype website here and find the linux version of Skype. Download the Fedora version here and install using rpm like so:

# rpm -ivh skype-

And launch as usual, Ctrl+F2, skype

Good day ahead.


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