Wednesday, July 25, 2007

warzone 2100 strategy 3d game install howto

Created Wednesday 25/07/2007

Are you looking to try a free different 3D strategy game for Linux?

Here's one.

Warzone 2100 was an innovative 3D real-time strategy game back in 1999, and
most will agree it didn't enjoy the commercial success it should have had. The
game's source code was liberated on December 6th, 2004, under a GPL license
(see COPYING in this directory for details). Soon after that, the Warzone 2100
ReDev project was formed to take care of its future.

You can find more warzone wiki pages here .

Now, a quick way to install warzone using yum under fedora . As root

# yum -y install warzone2100.i386

This would install warzone and all its dependency modules that is around 19MB in size.

Rresolved dependecies:

Package Arch Version Repository Size
warzone2100 i386 2.0.6-1.fc6 extras 705 k
Installing for dependencies:
openal i386 0.0.9-0.9.20060204cvs.fc6 extras 150 k
physfs i386 1.0.1-5.fc6 extras 58 k
warzone2100-data i386 2.0.6-1.fc6 extras 18 M

Transaction Summary


Ctrl+F2, type warzone2100 and hit ENTER.

See mine


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