Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GnuPG and enigmail thunderbird add-ons

Here's a Thunderbird add-ons called Enigmail,

Enigmails let's you add OpenPGP message encryption and authentication to your mail user agent that incorporates itself with your email messages. It features automatic encryption, decryption and integrated key management functionality. The current version of enigmail also works with Seamonkey.

You must have GnuPG () for the cryptographic functions.

How to install Enigmail in Thunderbird:

Download enigmail thunderbird add-ons HERE ans save the file to you harddrive. Now return back with your opened Mozilla Thunderbird, open Add-ons from the Tools menu. Then click on Install button from the newly appeared window, and locate/select the file you've just downloaded, press "OK". After successful installation, you may need to restart your Thundebird program.

Just hold on, as a requirement, we also need to install GNUPG using yum

# yum -y install gnupg

There we go, we are now ready to launch Thunderbird with Enigmail add-on.

Now, fire up your Thunderbird, go to Edit menu - Preferences and choose "Account settings". From here, you're going to see a new inserted menu by enigmail named, "OpenPGP Security", which is just under Junk settings tree menu.

Here is a sample account OpenPGP settings I currently have with my separate sample email account:

Now, try sending an email to yourself and test enigmail. Try it with other options checked and unchecked, to learn more of its encryption and security settings. You will noticed a different header color from that email when you finally received it, which identified it was digitally signed, or encrypted, or the email was sent with MUA authentication.

Probably at this point, you'll realized that M$ Outl00k and 0utl00k EXpr3ss doesn't support this feature yet under window$ X.P. This file called something.asc is yet unrecognized for them, therefore truncated and attached only as file attachment using the said MUAs.

However, other alternative MUAs such as Eudoramail and Evolution are happy supporting these features including GnuPG and OpenPGP .

Another milestone from Mozilla.

Good luck then!


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