Thursday, July 19, 2007

CD/DVD burning software install howto

Yes, here we are going to cover the mini howtos of downloading and installing softwares that enables us to burn our data, audio, video and image files.

There are a lot of alternatives of these CD/DVD burning software around opensourced technologies. But I am going to cover only 2 of my favorites, gnomebaker and k3b .

How to install gnomebaker:

# yum -y install gnomebaker

This would search yum repos and find the particular gnomebaker rpm file for you and install it along with the needed dependencies and library modules if needed so. We put -y for answering "yes" for all yum questions,

I could not find the reason why GnomeBaker should appear under Sound/Video main selection menus. However, here are its application screenshot:

To burn DVD ISO image, just launch gnomebaker, go to Tools, and burn your DVD ISO image. Make sure your DVD/CD write is ready and turned on. All you need to locate is your ISO image and hit OK.

Now, installing K3B would have the same process via yum:

# yum -y install k3b

Launch it:

By default, most necessary settings are on default and Auto. You should be able to burn DVD/CD using with their default values.

Nice burning software's we have, besides from CD-Writer.


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