Tuesday, July 31, 2007

firefox browser - yum update howto

What is firefox?
How to update firefox web browser?
Where to download the latest firefox?

Firefox is another cross-platform opensourced web browser which was derived from Mozilla browser It created and designed for performance, security and portability.

By default RedHat/CentOS/Fedora linux distro installation with X, firefox is installed unless X was installed without a network card or as a stand alone setup.

Here's a quick linux way to update your firefox browser:

# yum -y update firefox

Simple. Yum downloads firefox for you including the needed binary modules and dependencies and installs for you with default configuration setup.

These guys have worked a lot improving and opensourcing firefox. I salute them on improving and creating a web browser alternative like firefox! It takes a lot of brain-smashing tender-drying time and effort to squeezed out logical algorithms and conclusion and finally obtained and achieved a very nice web browser like firefox!

If you wish to download the latest firefox, you may follow the firefox icon located down at the rightmost corner of your screen and check out their site for more browser plugins too!

Works great!

That is all.


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