Monday, July 30, 2007

sabayon - user profile manager howto

How to manage Gnome user desktop profiles?
How to yum install sabayon?
How to create and manage desktop user group profiles?
How to edit GConf hassle-free way for each user?

Sabayon is a system administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings. Sabayon provides a sane way to edit GConf defaults and GConf mandatory keys: the same way you edit your desktop. Sabayon launches profiles in an Xnest window. Any changes you make in the Xnest window are saved back to the profile file, which can then be applied to user's accounts. You can find the website here.

Gnome says:

Sabayon is GNOME's first major design targeted at improving the user experience for people who administer GNOME systems, and hopefully the start of an initiative toward designing for this important group of users. I'm jazzed about Sabayon as the first step toward a historic goal: GNOME as the definitive desktop management experience for sysadmins, which was documented here.


# yum -y install sabayon


CTRL+F2 , sabayon

When you first launched sabayon, it prompts you to create a new profile identity. Here you can start creating your superuser or root profile, say sysad-profile . Like so

Clicking Edit menu would launch a jailed Gnome X inside the profile manager (sabayon) environment. From there, you can now customize how your desktop, shortcuts, icons, and desktop setup would appear when you use an account under that profile identity. Here is a sample running sabayon manager.

After making your desktop customization inside sabayon, you can click sabayon File Menu > and Save. You will be returned back to this profiler menu after changes has been saved.

Now, click the newly created group profile identity from that window. At this point, you need to assign existing linux users with the newly created group identity. You can do this by clicking the Users button. A new window will appear from here allowing you to choose from which existing linux users would be managed and assigned to just newly created group profile. Just click those users that would belong to the sabayon group. After that just Press OK.

Now, try to log out of X and login back as the particular user assigned to the newly created group. After successful user login, your newly created profile customization would now be active and displayed from your screen.

Fedora can switch to users using User Switcher applet FYI. Incase, you need to customize further of of any existing profile group identities, you can easily make use this User Switcher applet located down at rightmost corner of your screen and switch to root user anytime.

That is all.


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