Monday, July 23, 2007

pine and pico install howto

The Pine.

Pine was my very first linux email client during the old old days, I loved pine,.. and used it really very well via ssh during my first and worst-than-ever dialup connectivity. This includes my very old good text editor Pico for editing and modifying text based files. Later on, Thunderbird works out right for me until now. Then nano replaced my pico after that.

What is Pine?

Pine (R) -- a Program for Internet News & Email -- is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages. Pine was developed by Computing & Communications at the University of Washington. Though originally designed for inexperienced email users, Pine has evolved to support many advanced features, and an ever-growing number of configuration and
personal-preference options.

How to install in Fedora?

Simply, make sure you have the livna repo as blogged earlier and yum it so:

# yum -y install pine

This will install pine and pico which is about 2.6 MB in size for F7 including dependencies, so it might take a if you have dialup connection.

See pico in action

**Pine and Pico are trademarks of the University of Washington, check their website here. No commercial use of these trademarks may be made without prior written permission of the University of Washington.


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