Friday, August 31, 2007

KCron - GUI task scheduler

How to use crontab utility from X?
How to edit crontab utility from GNOME or KDE?
How to have a GUI-based utility with GUI desktop interface?
How to have a GUI task scheduler?
How to install KDEAdmin?
How to install KCron with Fedora 7?

From recent blog entry about crontab utility found here and here, here's an entry on how to utilize crontab utility with non-terminal GUI desktop interface?

KCron is a GUI application for managing cron schedules interactively using a friendly-user GUI-based desktop interface. In other words, KCron is a graphical user interface to cron system scheduler called cron utility. This KCron package is only one of the many binaries included from KDE administration component. KCron can be installed and executed both under the GNOME and KDE environment.


Kcron GUI-based cron scheduling utility can be installed also using yum.

# yum -y install kdeadmin

BINARY LAUNCH: Ctrl+F2, kron

During binary launch, KCron scans all system and account users together with all listed and scheduled system and user cron jobs present from the current linux box. KCron displays these cron jobs in a nice and desktop interface. Ease of use and user-friendliness were highly utilized on designing KCron feature for managing scheduled cron jobs. In fact, Kcron is quite attractive and desktop enticing especially for linux newbies who are used to administering jobs with X from their boxes.

By choosing a particular system or user account(s) from the main Kcron screen, Kcron main window presents you mouse-driven options on modifying existing cron jobs of a currently selected user or system accounts. These also include global wide cron jobs from /etc/crontab, /etc/cron.hourly, /etc/cron.daily, /etc/cron.weekly, /etc/cron.monthly cron files.

Here are the actual screenshot I have on editing and modifying existing cron job. KCron displays all system and user accounts with all their existing cronjobs in a manageable, attractive and easy to use KDE layout using dropdown tree menus and multiple panel and child windows.

Noticeably, Kcron uses KDE power of visual display on accomplishing same crontab job function from a running GUI-enabled linux desktop.

This entry is not here to discredit any default crontab administration and management that comes from any linux distro.


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