Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fedora 7 as guest host from VirtualBox

This document is intended as a walksthrough for these simple installation process of having Fedora 7 as virtual guest operating system using VirtualBox. VirtualBox is one powerful virtualization product for server and home use. More info of VirtualBox can be found here. How to install VirtualBox is also available from this blogspot located here.

For those who wishes to evaluate Fedora 7, this entry would somehow give you an idea how to go through the process of having virtual F7 via VirtualBox. Installation process gets clearer and easier if screenshots maps are overviewed. Here are those screenshots.

The first few sets are wizard type screenshots of creating virtual machine for VirtualBox. The process of creating the virtual machine is simple.

This is the amount of memory to be allocated to the virtual machine as shown below. Make sure you are not allocating all your base memory as it degrade performance with the master host.

The buttons and choices I have selected from these wizard window are the ones I have chosen before clicking the Forward button.

From below harddisk details, I have chosen fixed hard disk space for this one. VirtualBox tends to be more GUI friendly asking wizard type virtual machines specification in a step by step manner.

If you click these images, you can also read helpful contents of each wizard box prompts that provide more information of choosing specific options offerred from the wizard prompt.

Now comes the first part of installing Fedora 7 as virtual guest host for VirtualBox. Booting from DVD ISO image, as configured from the VirtualBox settings for the virtual machine, it now continues to load Installation Options as shown below.

Choosing only default values presented and default package selections, as you can see from these screenshots.

The intent here was to have screenshot guides and overview Fedora 7 virtualization as guest host for VirtualBox.

After all the selected default packages and firt boot configuration, a final reboot is required as show above. Below are last screenshots of Fedora 7 booting as virtual guest host for VirtualBox.

System initialization begins here.

User login prompt.

And the newly installed Fedora 7 guest host for VirtualBox!

The Fedora 7 virtual machine is now ready for further test evaluation.

The daemon service for VirtualBox can be managed as follows:

# service vboxdrv status

Congratulations, well done VirtualBox guys!

Keep it up, well done!


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