Saturday, September 1, 2007

KPackage - GUI package administration and management alternative

Linux administration of RPM packages from linux boxes is basically required for keeping up and maintaining your package database tight, neat, and clean linux boxes. This has been possible from command line terminal ever since RedHat become well know. The linux command RPM is a very powerful well known binary originally from RedHat, that makes a tedious job of application installation easier and straightforward dependency and compatibilities assessment, and smoother binary package installation as compared with early days with RedHat distro.

Package clean up is part of maintenance functions. This can be considered as post-install maintenance funcion. The clean up process does not only refer to package deletions, package updates and management, clearing downloaded cache and header files but also gives way to library package definitions and usage familiarity.

This document entry gives way for another alternative for package management, KPackage.

Kpackage is one GUI-based KDE administration tool for installing, viewing and uninstalling RPM packages for many distros. The formats supported includes RPM, Debian, Slackware and BSD package manager. KPackage is part of kdeadmin rpm package available from many distros, which was an entry recently from here.


# yum -y install kdeadmin

This package manager makes use of GUI-enabled features that is easily viewed and managed interactively by simple clicks and search selection. Kpackage comes with a nice panel presentation making use of dropdown tree-like menus, toolbars, fast rpm search for package addition, deletion, updates using X in GNOME or KDE.

BINARY LAUNCH: Ctrl+F2, kpackage

See screenshot

Main Panel:


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