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Nokia 70 linux connection via bluetooth dongle howto

How to detect bluetooth USB dongle?
How to start bluetooth daemon service?
How to detect Nokia N70 using Fedora 7 distro?
How to transfer files between Nokia N70 using Gnome via bluetooth USB dongle??
How to transfer files between Nokia N70 using CLI via bluetooth USB dongle??
How to install gnome obex server?
How to do bluetooth pairing device?
How to install KDE bluetooth tools?
What other document formats is supported by Nokia N70 file types?

I recently bought a Nokia N70 Music Edition (ME) phone. Not the latest nokia phone, but nice and sweet having 1 GB of memory disk too, same with N95. And it was only now that I managed to keep up with its menus, todos, and howtos. I finally find a glitch of my time establishing a connection between my current Fedora 7 box to this Nokia N70 ME via Bluetooth USB dongle I just borrowed. Nokia N70 phone details can be seen here.

Yes, it was very hard to do this! I have opened and googled sooooo many many pages and used so many keyword combinations just to come up with something that finally works with my Fedora 7 and my Nokia N70 ME. I have also installed different phone packages that works with other Nokia, Samsung Erikson according to their testimonies, but it doesnt work out right with what I have on ground out here with my this Nokia N70, I mean not that much.

Here are the the steps I have taken, I hope I remember them right. :) This is how it works for me. This would be your lucky day if it also works out right for you! :) You've been warned not to follow this step, use at your own risk! It works for me does not mean it would work out just fine for everybody. Goodluck!

Most external devices when plugged and detected gives out log messages to linux platforms via /var/log/messages. That means, doing a tail for /var/log/messages is required during these steps.

Fire up 2 terminal consoles, one for monitoring /var/log/messages and one for CLI commands. Do not connect the bluetooth USB dongle yet. Do as follow:


# yum -y install openobex.i386 gnome-bluetooth.i386 gnome-vfs2-obexftp.i386 obexftp.i386 kdebluetooth.i386

# service bluetooth start
# service messagebus start
# service kudzu start
# gnome-obex-server &
# kbluetooth &

Now, plug the bluetooth USB dongle to one of the system USB ports and take a peep of

# tail -f /var/log/messages

Turn on N70 bluetooth. Go to Menu > Connect > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned ON.
Phone visibility is shown to all. And have a unique phone name identifier for your bluetooth connection. Press Exit.

Go to Tools > Transfer. Set aside the Nokia N70 where the USB dongle can reach it well.

Here are some CLI tools that could give more useful information from the Fedora's stand point of detecting the N70 and the bluetooth USB dongle.

# lsusb
# lsusb -v

Did you see Nokia N70 already? Here's more.

Gives out MAC address of bluetooth USB dongle device
# hcitool dev

Connection N70 phone enquiry
# hcitool inq
# hciconfig
# hciconfig -a

This command gives out MAC address and connection name recently assigned with inside Nokia N70 settings.
# hcitool scan

Try to 'PING' your Nokia N70 MAC address

My Nokia N70 gives me this MAC address of 00:1B:33:57:E6:50 . So I would do

ping and see if I can L2PING it
# l2ping 00:1B:33:57:E6:50

And get more info and names
# hcitool info 00:1B:33:57:E6:50
# hcitool name 00:1B:33:57:E6:50


Whatever security pair of numbers you enter from your phone should also be the same pair of number from the Nokia N70 WHEN prompted. Take a peep with pairing devices

# kcmshell kcm_btpaired

SEND/TRANSFER FILES FROM FEDORA TO N70 using bluetooth USB dongle via CLI

# gnome-obex-send --dest 00:1B:33:57:E6:50 file-to-transfer.txt

For more:
# man gnome-obex-send

Transferring of multiple files at the same time is not possible!

I have tested so far that the below document file formats and file extensions are acceptable and readable inside Nokia N70.


Avoid transferring XLS, WMA, WMV and long filenames with spaces too!

SEND/TRANSFER FILES FROM FEDORA TO N70 using bluetooth USB dongle via Gnome
1. Open Nautilus and browse Desktop files.
2. Create TEST.TXT file and enter 'SOMETHING TEST 123' as its contents. Save.
3. Right click on the file, click SEND TO, choose your Destination / Source .


Menu > Gallery > Images & Videos > select the image/video file > Options > Send > via bluetooth then select your bluetooth USB dongle ID name.


My 5 MB transfer file is not that fast really. I have USB 2.0.

Not to discredit gnokii and wammu but I failed establishing connection between them and my N70.

Now, from Nokia phone, go to Menu > Connect > Bluetooth > right arrow. From there you will see the hostname or assigned device name of your Fedora box. Try clicking Options and see. Noticed also (B) icon from Nokia main desktop screen!

Try, unplugging the bluetooth USB dongle and see! Works like a charm!


# k

onqueror &

And enter bluetooth:/// as the location address. This approach does not work with gnome nautilus.

I am not sure about using konqueror with bluetoot:

If you wish to make the bluetooth daemon service permanent between reboots, just add

# chkconfig --levels 5 bluetooth on

Remember, if you find this entry informative and useful to you, you know what to do with the black ninja squares! :p

Have a nice day to all.

Googling keywords:
linux nokia N70, bluetooth USB dongle to linux, connecting nokia N70 to linux and more! Further readings
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,ZZzzzzz...


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