Friday, August 17, 2007

gnome music applet install howto

Gnome Music Applet is a small, simple GNOME panel applet that lets you control a variety of different music players from the panel. Music Applet provides easy access to information about the current song and the most important playback controls.

Gnome Music Applet is the successor to the Rhythmbox Applet and currently supports the following music players:
* Banshee
* Exaile
* Muine
* Rhythmbox
* Quod Libet
* XMMS1 and XMMS2
* Quod Libet

You can view more info from their website here. Gnome-music-applet is available from fedora repo can be installed once again by using yum as follows:


# yum -y install gnome-applet-music


Right click to a vacant postion from your panel, select 'Add to Panel' and you will be prompted with similar window as shown below. Scroll down until you are seeing "Music Panel" and hit 'Add'.

After adding the gnome music applet, you would notice that your panel has a new icon similar to a jukebox. Now simply double click on this panel icon, the panel player would immediately appear from an expanded panel. A similar mini button would appear from your current gnome panel as shown below.

Moreover, your current gnome music player default plugin would also be launched prompting you for further music selections. Alterantively, you can change your preferred player by choosing Plugin menu after right-clicking the gnome music applet.

You can also right click on the gnome music player and further customize its panel appearance and other options like shown above. Try to minimize your default music player and a new popoup notification appears like so

Great, now you have a music playing from the background and an iconized gnome music applet with accessible and convenient music control relocated away from your screen work areas.

Have a happy linux weekend!

Cool applet! I gave it 3.5 stars ***.5 !!!


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