Saturday, August 18, 2007

Grip - CD ripper install howto

As a complete and powerful Fedora desktop, Fedora 7 also provides CD ripping softwares. One of them is Grip.

Grip is a GTK+ based front-end for CD rippers (such as cdparanoia and cdda2wav) and Ogg Vorbis encoders. Grip allows you to rip entire tracks or just a section of a track. Grip supports the CDDB protocol for accessing track information on disc database servers. In other words, Grip lets you grip and encode existing WAV files to another media formats like MP3, FLAC or OGG.

Here are some nice things about Grip features:

* Full-featured CD player with a small screen footprint in "condensed" mode
* Database lookup/submission to share track information over the net
* HTTP proxy support for those behind firewalls
* Loop, shuffle, and playlist modes
* Ripping of single, multiple, or partial tracks
* Encoding of ripped .wav files into MP3 files (as well support for OGG and FLAC)
* Simultaneous rip and encode
* Support for multiple encode processes on SMP machines
* Adding ID3v1/v2 tags to MP3 files
* Cooperating with DigitalDJ, my SQL-based MP3 jukebox

Like most known CD ripper, Grip interactively checks for ID tags, names, and more details of current media file beings rip for optional submission and database addition to More info can be found here.


Here is how to convert, rip, and encode WAV files to MP3, FLAC and OGG.

# yum -y install grip


Ctrl+F2, grip

Screenshot in action:


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