Friday, August 10, 2007

3d tabletennis game install howto

How to install a 3D tabletennis game?

CannonSmash is a 3D table tennis game. The goal of this project is to represent various strategy of table tennis on computer game. This program requires OpenGL and SDL. If your machine doesn't have 3D
accelaration video card, this program runs very slowly. More can be found here.


# yum -y install csmash

Launch: Ctrl+F2, csmash

I was searching for more 3D games and I come up with csmash.

This 3D strategy game is very interesting linux game that basically requires a quick reflex attack and counterattack decision making moves. In a split of a second, with this game, the player needs to consider, atleast more than five factors to have a very quick and accurate ball return to gain point or score against the opponent.

You can play it via LAN, internet, or against the computer. The game can be in 3D full screen or 3D window screen as you can see from the below screen shot. Very simple same like playing table tennis inside a house without exerting too much effort while standing. With same depth of decision making to gain points against the opponent. Real quick counter attack ball return decisions while the other player hits the ball back to you. This ball return exchanges continues until the ball landed out of the table. And this happens in a macro of a split second. This is exciting!

I am going to spend more time with this game during weekend, but for now, here's an initial screenshot taken from program launch.

Unfortunately, this program requires OpenGL and SDL. If your machine doesn't have 3D accelaration video card, this program hogs and runs very slowly.

From the above, you are seeing a transparent player. This screen display can be toggled to a multivector lines, a shoulder only feature or a transparent body.

There are also three levels of the game namely Easy, Normal, Hard. The Easy option is already challenging to table tennis player like me. Amazing game where you can have more type of opponent. Pen drive tactic, Shake Cut and Pen attack type of players, that offers variety of spin type return balls and ball speed returns. What more, scoring is done by computer with audio support.

I gave it 4 stars of linux 3D strategy game.



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