Tuesday, August 21, 2007

hello world bash and perl script

I remember my very first hello world program when I was at younger age. I was 13. I created a hello world program using Basic programming language. Basic language at that time was capable of creating 2D games already which can be played from your TV screen via Atari game console. A cassette tape was the technology back then before and I used it on saving my hello world program as a storage devices. River Raider was a very well known 2D war plane strategy game before that time.

Now, this entry is very simple. Covering a hello world script using bash and perl.

Creating Hello world bash script. Yes, launch your fave CLI editor and save hello.sh with the following contents:

echo Hello World!

Alternatively, a hello world perl script.

print "Hello World\n"

Make them root executable like so.

# chmod 755 hello.sh hello.pl

Very basic. That is all.


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