Tuesday, August 7, 2007

more multimedia browser plugins install howto

How to install a multimedia plugins for mozilla / firefox / opera / netscape browsers?
How to install MIDI, MP3, OGG, MPEG-url file, WAV, Basic audio, Soundtracker, PSID, YM audio browser?
How to instal Quicktime, AVI (divx), MPEG, FLI video browser plugins?
How to install Gimp, PNG, TIFF,PhotoShop, Sun Raster, MS Bitmap BMP browser plugins?
How to install Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and other MS Office browser plugins?
How to get and install more Firefox addons or plugins?

I was googling and finally stumbled upon this stuff for document .DOC browser plugins and came up on for more browser plugins. And fortunately, it comes with other nice multimedia plugins too. Am glad to share it here. Read more.

MozPlugger is a generic Mozilla plug-in that allows the use of standard Linux programs as plug-ins for media types on the Internet. More info can be found here. MozPlugger is also included with linux distros like Mandriva Linux, Fedora Linux, Debian, Gentoo, and other Linux distributions.


# yum -y install mozplugger


After successful installation, restart your browser and browse this site for testing your newly installed multimedia browser plugins. More info here.

It works for me using F7 distro. Hope these plugins work for you too! See a DOC browser plugin in action below:

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