Friday, August 17, 2007

Alacarte - editing panel menus install howto

One way to edit your Gnome panel menus in Fedora is to use Alacarte package.

Alacarte is a menu editor for GNOME that lets you get things done, simply and quickly. Operations for this package is very simple, ADE, as in Add, Delete and Edit menus.

To quickly verify if you already have Alacarte package without using yum and rpm, simply go to root prompt from your terminal, and as root issue any of the below commands.

# whereis alacarte
# which alacarte
# locate alacarte | grep bin

Or type "ala" without the quotes and hit TAB key. If you get the whole world of Alacarte, that basically means alacarte is already installed and you just need to execute Alacarte.


On the other hand, you might be missing Alacarte, here is how to install Alacarte package.

As root, simply issue the below linux command

# yum -y install alacarte

You're done.


Ctrl+F2, alacarte

My Alacarte screenshot in action:


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