Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fedora and RHEL differences

What are the difference of Fedora Linux and RedHat Enterprise Linux?
Why not use Fedora alone or RedHat alone?
Why RedHat supports another linux distro?

RedHat Enterprise Linux is a commercial linux distro created, maintained, managed and fully supported by great men and women of RedHat company. You can actually give them a call to ask further technical support for your RedHat products since it costs money to acquire the said distro. The last Redhat desktop distro was RH 9, which was phased out years ago. I know a few sysads who handles thousand farms RedHat Enterprise servers.

After RedHat 9 was phased out of support, Fedora Core Linux was born.

Fedora Core linux and Fedora Linux distros are community supported. That basically mean Fedora is distributed for free and has a larger community base of end users. Fedora linux has been razor-sharp bleeding edge linux distro since its first release. After Fedora 6, it was renamed to Fedora 7.

I have been using RedHat and Fedora both as server and desktop. I was not really quite happy with older RedHat as a desktop since X was really buggy then that time. Now, I am using a totally windows-free desktop OS, Fedora 7. Quite satisfactorily up until this time.

You can find more Fedora and Redhat Enterprise differences here.


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