Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nokia N70 on Fedora via USB data cable

How to transfer data from Fedora to Nokia N70 phone via USB data cable?
How to install obexfs?

Additionally, here's a quick dirty steps on how to transfer files from Fedora 7 box into your Nokia N70 mobile via USB data cable.

# yum install obexfs

Insert the USB data cable into your Nokia N70 and then plug the other end to one of the USB portsof your PC.

Check some output from the log files.
# tail -f /var/log/messages

Your Nokia N70 screen should show a small USB icon from its desktop screen. Now, try to connect to your Nokia N70 from terminal like so

# obexftp -u 1 -l

You can optionally change the 3rd column values from 1 to 4 as this represents the USB port number.

See more output of this command:
[folder name="C:" user-perm="RW" mem-type="DEV" label="Phone memory"]
[folder name="E:" user-perm="RW" mem-type="MMC" label="Memory card"]

List out files from the N70 Image folder from Memory Card drive E: as shown above:

# obexftp -u 1 -c E:\\Images -l displays

which gives similar results below:
[folder-listing version="1.0"]
[parent-folder ]
[folder name="200707" modified="20070722T132832Z" user-perm="RWD" mem-type="MMC"]
[folder name="Opera" modified="20070722T220940Z" user-perm="RWD" mem-type="MMC"]
[file name="" size="3896041" modified="20070809T004126Z" user-perm="RWD"]
[file name="dayckids.jpg" size="49328" modified="20070809T004250Z" user-perm="RWD"]
[file name="DSC00628.jpg" size="143847" modified="20070809T004430Z" user-perm="RWD"]

Now, prepare a sample file like MP3 file for data transfer from PC to Nokia N70. Make sure you have a short MP3 filename and it ends with .MP3 or .MP4 filename extensions.

You can transfer files like so

# obexftp -u 1 -c E:\\Images -p TheReason.mp3

Similar results below:
Sending "E:\Images"... done
Sending "TheReason.mp3"...\done

List again the files of that folder as follows

# obexftp -u 1 -c E:\\Images -l displays

Be reminded that Nokia N70 only supports USB 1.2. This means the data transfer rate is way to slow compared to USB 2.0 from digicams and videocams nowadays.

You can try to browse the video folder like so

# obexftp -u 1 -c E:\\Videos -l displays

It's dirty data transfer via USB data cable but better than nothing for now.

# man obexftp

No discredits intent, but my attempts to accomplish more communication and data exchange between Fedora 7 and Nokia using X based packages like xgnokii, wammu and kmobiletools failed. :( I am going to try at some time but not sooner.

If ever anyone here who has been successful doing establishing connectivity using gnokii, xgnokii, wammu, kmobiletools, or contacts/address book synchronization with Thunderbird or Firefox, that would really really BE a nice tip!

But for now,..consider it as another entry backlog for me, some other time then.


Newhorri zon said...

Thanks for sharing this helpful post, I was just looking for technique to transfer data to my mobile phones with USB data cable.

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