Wednesday, August 1, 2007

gnome-blog desktop blogging install howto

gnome-blog desktop blogging install howto

While I was creating a shell scripts to work with one bloglinking site, I have stumbled upon one linux sysad blogsite mentioning about one easier way of blogging with the use of gnome-blog. I have only 2 approach on posting into directly without using any other feed or blog-indexing site nor any email client. This could be a better way to do it, and so I decided to give it a try. Oh, see that site I stumbled upon here

This document calls for an install howto of Gnome Blog, gnome-blog-poster. More info can be found here.


# yum -y install gnome-blog

Launch: Ctrl+F2, gnome-blog-poster

I am actually creating this blog entry using gnome-blog-poster. It's cool at least with minimum features that I need so far with my blogging needs. You can actually insert images just by dragging from your desktop into the text area of blog document like so.

EDITED: image is supposed to be here

Another nice opensourced gnome contribution and I love old steed bikes too! Gnome-blog-poster also supports spell checking besides from drag-and-drop images, it's WYSIWYG blog posting tool.

At its early age of development, its nice initial features providing comfort while blogging and without those opened browsers really makes blogging much more wonderful.

No, it's not double posted, it's the actual captured image while creating this blog entry.
EDITED: image from gnome-blog-poster was not accepted and filtered off by , so I have to manually reattach it back again.


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