Tuesday, August 21, 2007

passwordless rdesktop session with XP howto

This blog entry simply covers how to connect to XP clients remotely using rdesktop with supplied login name and password as argument and avoid putting username and password over and over again when remotely connecting to XP machines.

This entry also assumes the following:

a. that XP clients have a properly configured firewall for allowing remote connections.
b. that XP clients have enabled RTP request session
c. that XP clients are within the broadcast network of connecting remote host

Here are two approach on how to connect to XP machines remotely using rdesktop with supplied username and password as command line arguments.

# rdesktop windows.machine.IP.address -u XP-username -p XP-password

You can create a desktop shortcut and place it over your X panel. This can be done using Custom Application Launcher. Simply right click from the panel > Add to Panel > Custom Application Launcher and enter rdeskop details from there.

Click on the desktop or panel shortcut, now you have a virtual passwordless rdesktop session with a XP machine.



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