Tuesday, August 21, 2007

who am I

As linux users, we make use of who as one linux tool command. Most of the time, who linux command functions on determining currently logged on box users. There are times those simple linux commands are taken for granted or unconsciously skipped out for far more linux terminal command studies. Many of them. One is who.

Here are more usage of who linux commands.

Who am I ?

# who am i

How to know the last time of system reboot?

# who -b

How to know last change of system clock?

# who -t

How to print system login processes?

# who -l

How to know and print dead system processes?

# who -d

How to print number of logged on users ?

# who -q

How to print, same as without argument, but with PIDs, currently logged in users?

# who -u

How to print and know current running runlevel?

# who -r

How to know which currently logged in users are currently denying, deflecting or avoiding any future system wide messages?

# who -T

Who are you?

# who are you



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