Tuesday, September 4, 2007

GTK-based GNOME Linux Tools

GTK-based GNOME Linux Tools

As this blog entry aims to provide more linux information and tool sets specially to RedHat based distro like Fedora, CentOs, Fox, WhiteOs, with audience consideration from linux friendly newbies up to long time linux users, here's another set of simple linux tool.

UserMode-GTk package comprises of simle GTK-based GUI tool aimed to do certain user account tasks and disk function. Install usermode-gtk if you wish to have a GTK-based front tools on managing certain GNOME tasks. Usermode-Gtk is included from Fedora repositories, which means installation is smooth and easy using yum installer.

Usermode-Gtk is composed of several GTK-based binaries namely

a. userinfo - Userinfo allows users to change their finger information.

b. usermount - Usermount lets users mount, unmount, and format filesystem

c. userpasswd - Userpasswd allow
s users to change their passwords.

d. userformat - Userformat formats, mounts, and unmounts mounted partition and devices
UserFormat is a simple GUI based linux tool to mount and unmount partitions and mounted device. Userformat also formats detected mounted device as well.

All these binaries is easy to use, simple and user-friendly GTK-based tools with GUI interface.


# yum -y install usermode-gtk


# userformat
# usermount
# userinfo
# userpasswd

Easy to remember binary names too!


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