Friday, September 7, 2007

BitTorrent - downloading large files made easy

Want to download Harry Potter The Order of the Phoenix the movie in Linux desktop?

Linux is free, Harry Potter The Order of the Phoenix movie is free as well?

Suffering from slow internet dialup connection on downloading large DVD movie or ISO files?

Movie files corrupted due to disconnection problems on internet connections?

Worry not, BitTorrent is here to the rescue!

BitTorrent, an extremely handy tool on downloading large torrent files regardless of internet speed rate you have with interruption between connection breakups.

There are linux desktop users who might have fast internet connections, but connection breakups happens in the middle of nowhere, most probable tendency is that the file being downloaded is now useless and corrupted. No time for redownloading restarts? Bittorrent makes downloading large files easier and without interruption headaches.

BitTorrent is a tool for distributing files. It's extremely easy to use - downloads are started by clicking on hyperlinks. Whenever more than one person is downloading at once they send pieces of the file(s) to each other, thus relieving the central server's bandwidth burden. Even with many simultaneous downloads, the upload burden on the central server remains quite small, since each new downloader introduces new upload capacity.

With the genuine BitTorrent client, you get:

* Dynamic bandwidth management -- download without disrupting other applications
* Detailed stats let you monitor the health of your downloads
* No hardware configuration - reduced hassle of fast downloads


With yum around, bittorrent makes RPM-based binary installation easy and seamlessly. Bittorrent can be installed by yum like so:

# yum -y install bittorrent-gui bittorrent

Alternatively, bittorrent RPM installer file can be downloaded from this site.


Ctrl+F2, bittorrent

Bittorrent has been around serving happily Linux desktop GUI users as well. I find this useful on Linux desktop clients sufferring from downloading large files on slow internet connections. The GUI interface is very simple even grandma is able to keep up with it. Any downloading interruptions are handled very well without affecting data CRC and file integrity during internet connection breakups.

If you are have more Bittorrent issues, a well written DOCS and FAQs is around for a nifty guide, which can be found here.

BitTorrent in action web screenshot:

Sample BitTorrent GUI interface:

So what are you waiting for?

Fire up your BitTorrent, and get Harry Potter The Order of the Phoenix Movie for free. Simply copy and paste the bittorrent file from here into your BitTorrent URL, and you're good to go!


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