Saturday, September 15, 2007

KNemo - KDE network interface monitoring tool

Here's a KDE-based netwok interface monitoring tool similar to the one found in Windows. For every network interface from your linux box, KNemo displays network interface as icons from your desktop system tray using QT graphical interface.

KNemo displays for every network interface an icon in the systray. Tooltips and an info dialog provide further information about the interface. Passive popups inform about interface changes. A traffic plotter is also integrated. Knemo polls the network interface status every second using the ifconfig, route and iwconfig tools.

Knemo features lifted from site:
Features of version 0.4.5 include:
* support for ethernet (including wireless) and ppp connections
* the icon shows incoming/outgoing traffic
* hiding of icon when the interface is not available
* hiding of icon when the interface does not exist (useful for interfaces that
are dynamically created and and removed)
* automatic detection of wireless extensions for ethernet interfaces
* left-clicking on an icon displays a status dialog with information about the
selected interface (2nd click hides dialog)
* middle-clicking on an icon displays a traffic plotter that was taken from
KSysGuard (2nd click hides dialog)
* configuration via context menu or control center module (Internet & Network/
Network Monitor)
* customizable tooltip for quick access to often needed information
* custom entries in the context menu. Useful to start/stop/restart interfaces
or to configure them using external tools.
* automatic detection of available interfaces (click on 'Default' in the
configuration dialog and KNemo will look under /proc/net/dev for interfaces)
* support for notifications via sound and passive popups
* KNemo counts the number of transfered bytes and does not depend on the output
of 'ifconfig' for the total number of transfered bytes. This way KNemo can
even display a hugh amount of traffic while 'ifconfig' has an overflow at 4GB.
* support for different iconsets for every interface
* support for daily, monthly and yearly statistics
* configurable update interval for interface informations
* support for different backends to gather information


Knemo network monitoring tool can be installed using yum as follows:

# yum -y instal knemo


KNemo has to be started using KDE Control Center/Internet & Network/Network Monitor.

See how KNemo is being launched using KDE Control Center shown below.

Here's a sample KNemo screenshot showing my current network interface statistics. Knemo allows total control of data and statistics that can be shown using Knemo via KDE Control Center. See sample network stats below:

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