Friday, September 7, 2007

Graveman on Linux - burn baby burn burn

Linux is full of alternatives. Having a lot of free opensource alternatives is what makes Linux world go interestingly round and round.

Here's another alternative on handling DVD/CD linux tasks.

DVD/CD Task management

Graveman is a frontend for cdrtools, dvd+rw-tools and sox that provides a graphical user interface for handling common CD/DVD burning tasks like burning Audio CDs, Data CDs and DVDs, duplicate CDs, and clean rewritable CD/DVD media. Currently runs in GNOME and KDE very well and also uses GTK2 library from its interface.

Graveman feature:
* burn audio cd (from wav, ogg, mp3, flac, m3u and pts)
* burn data cd and dvd
* duplicate cd
* do copy on the fly
* clean rewritable cd and dvd
* burn multissessions cd

Upcoming features:
* copy dvds (DVD9 to DVD9, DVD9 to DVD5)
* burn data cd and dvd on the fly
* burn mixte cd
* burn .bin/.cue
* burn video DVD
* view past sessions in multissessions cd

Graveman automatically detect and scan your DVD/CD drives. Alternatively, graveman utility supports manual addition of CD/DVD drives not yet known to linux kernel. Graveman also supports several ISO image character sets when writing to disk media. Erasing and formating CDRW and DVDRW is also supported by this graveman DVD/CD utility tool.

Graveman CD utility is so nice and sweet that it can even support these linux CD/DVD disk operations and commands:

1. cdrecord
2. cdrdao
3. mkisofs
4. sox
5. growisofs
6. dvd+rw-mediainfo
7. dvd+rw-format
8. flac


What more yum can do, just issue

# yum -y install graveman


Ctrl+F2, graveman

Different Graveman operation screenshots:

For more FAQ, see more from this site.



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