Tuesday, September 4, 2007

FindSMB - view shared folders from network

Here's another tool to list out all shared folder from network neighborhood.

Findsmb is a perl script that prints out several pieces of information about machines on a subnet that respond to SMB name query requests or nmblookup.

findsmb can be handy when you need to mount shared folders or drives within your current subnet network or shared folder/drive from your network or machine near you.

If you want to list out all shared folders from your current network broadcast or subnet broadcast address from command line terminal, you can just simply issue findsmb without any parameter like so

# findsmb

Sample result:
--------------------------------------------------------------------- CC2 +[MSHOME] [Windows 5.1] [Windows 2000 LAN Manager] HIPOLITE [HIPOLITE] [Windows 5.1] [Windows 2000 LAN Manager] LINUXBOX *[MYGROUP] [Unix] [Samba 2.0.6]


Findsmb Legend:
first column - shows IP address that responds to SMB name queries or nmblookup request
second column - host name or computer name
third column - workgroup, netbiso name and OS information from responding client machines
or SMB server version
+ - indication of local master browser for that specific workgroup
* - indication of domain master browser for that specific workgroup

Alternatively, you can issue findsmb to probe for smblookup name queries from specific subnet broadcast like so

# findsmb



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