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PHPAlbum - web photo album install howto

PHPAlbum is an easy to install and run photo album and gallery script. It doesn't require a database and features automatic installation on an FTP server with just a few clicks. It generates thumbnails and resized photos and supports password directory protection, access logs, short and longer description of directories and photos, and an admin section for creating new directories, uploading photos, and deleting them. HTML layout is separated from the functional code, and two themes are available.

PHPAlbum is ofcourse powered by PHP source codes. The current version installs smoothly manually or via live FTP installation as I have tested from one of my box around here.

These are the features which PHPAlbum offers you:

* Automatic generation of thumbnails and resized
* Commenting of pictures with antispam security code
* NEW! IPTC Support, import of keywords and picture description, showing other IPTC-tags
* NEW! E-Card - you can now send e-cards to your friends and family
* Screenshots for files to be downloaded, movie, audio, exe or whatever
* Password protection for your private galleries
* Admin section for creating new directories, uploading photos (works even with PHP safe_mode=on),Uploading ZIP Files preserving directory structure
* Short and long description of galleries/directories and photos
* Highly customizable layout, separated layout(HTML) from functional code, this allows easy creation of new themes
* Caching of all generated thumbnails and resized photos
* Transparent logo and icon processing with any background color, including IE6
* Access logging, with exclude strings
* And last but not least, you can help us with your suggestions to create usable, easy to install, php photo album script.


You can do the installation from web or locally from your box. If you wish to manually download the installation file here with as its current filename. But if you wish to install the file online, you can start by pointing your browser here.

PHPAlbum Manual Installation

Assuming you have downloaded the installation zip file , you start unzipping the files like so

# unzip

This would create a folder named phpAlbum_v0.4.1.14 and extract all PHPAlbum files into the said folder. If you wish to rename this folder, you may do so. Assuming we want to view the page from your, simply do so

# mv phpAlbum_v0.4.1.14 /var/www/html/album

Remember to start your apache service at this point.

# service httpd start

And point your browser on that page location. You will find the next instructions from there, it is so fairly easy.

EDITED as per request:

Move the default PHPAlbum config file like so

# mv config_change_it.php config.php

And edit the file config.php, change the line from




and save. Follwed by creating the specified data folder from PHPAlbum root folder location like so

# mkdir /var/www/html/album/
# chmod 777 /var/www/html/album/

and browse PHPAlbum page. You may see a page like that you are not allowed to view the page.
Login and user the below default user credentials:

username: admin
password: admin

and you're in! Click on Setup link, and remember to change the default admin password. All the setup configurations are all there to manage.

After uploading images into your folder location, and you are still seeing some empty images from PHPAlbum site, you need to install a required PHP image library, which is available from Fedora repos like so

# yum -y install php-gd

and that's it, simple and easy web photo album and management.

Besides from easy installation, another good sides about the web photo album is you can create albums instantly, view images on three size (small, medium, large), auto-scans folders of images, allows access restrictions for particualar users and for several access privilege. All images are stored as flat files from folders. All frames, display of columns, comments moderation are all configurable from admin page.

Different image sizes are shown below:

If you wish to create a new album using admin user, simply create the folder and uploaded all files into that foler, phpalbum can scan the folder on schedules interval. This photo album also makes use of apache caching, so images loads faster than normal viewing rate.

Further FAQS and documentation can be read here and oh, install link from here.

Take a look at my screenshot:

Website screenshot:

Grab the PHPAlbum installer now, it's yummy free!


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