Thursday, March 2, 2006

growing up

First Day in the world, seeing your parents for the first time. Everything is cool and everything is just fine. Mommy is happy Daddy is proud; they been waiting nine months to see their first child.

You learn to walk, you start to talk, and your learning new things. Your parents see you growing up and all the talents you bring, The world sees you as a trouble maker because of the color of your skin. But your family sees you differently because they see what's within.

You're a teenager now you think you know it all. You drive, you date, you smoke and drink. You think your parents are Lost. You don't realize your another statistic in the world today. And you overlook the pain you caused and the love your friends and family portray.

The world laughs in your face because of a little 'fun' that got you in jail. Little do you know the road your on only leads to hell. Your Parents are praying that you get your act together. So you can be caught up and live with Jesus forever.

Mom and Dad have been fasting and praying that you get back on track. And after two years of time the Lord finally brought you back. You thanked your family for all there prayers. And then thanked the Man who lives upstairs.

It was your PRAYING family that brought you out. They had faith in you and lost no doubt. They stuck by you through think and thin; and let the Lord step right in. He took control of you one night he gave you strength and gave your might. He gave you a gift that no human can give and promised you life so that you can live.

After years of heartache, sin, and frustration you decided to walk with God and become an inspiration. You talk to young children who are headed on the wrong path. You teach them to Pray, read the Bible, and to Fast. You told them who you once were and who you became to be. And they learned that a Praying family can help set you free.

'Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.'

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