Saturday, February 25, 2006

state of emergency declaration

23 February 2006.

Twenty years. The last time this tremendous and colosal unity of public defiance members, allies, opportunist politicians and leftis, medias, local citizens, military and rebels successfully and eventually overthrew ex-president Ferdinand E. Marcos, his family and righthands- that was Feb 1986.

Again, this time around was not for a masculine president. It was an unconfirmed plot to overthrow current president Gloria Macapagal-Arryo (GMA) - daughter of late ex-president Diosdado Macapagal.

State of emergency was declared.

Media, journalist and publicist are being upholded their rights contributing to Freedom of Press civil rights.

Rallies in EDSA Shrine. Malacanang Palace.

What more do we need? What future behold Philippines islands?

Citizen's deaths and casualties vs presidential supreme sacrifice?

Remind's me of an old phrase.
"When two big elephants fight each other whatever the cause is, it is the grass that suffers the most."

Considering these haze and quarrels, political unstability, economic uncertainty, mere politicals facts and opinions, still I am proud to say, I am Filipino.
Dollar to peso exchange rate now is $1 = P52.1 . Six months ago it was P55.9 .
Would continue listening to CNN and BBC broadcast. Goodness, WWW updates us a lot.


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