Friday, March 10, 2006

free open-source CMS

Open Source Content Management System

this free CMS would greatly contribute to linux communities and developers.

i was just evaluating some of them and profoundly amazed by what these tools can provide website content administrator and developer. Be it static or dynamic, it should serve as a good starting run-away point.

some names are
Drupal -
Joomla -

free open-source community had served a lot and achieved more than what have been imagined and expected until now by people.

FOSS, GPL, GNU and linux plays happily together.

application in life:
a. atleast you pay cheaper money on private hospital since they are using free medical software and tools developed and driven by community.

b.your clock, watch, laptops, PDAs, routers, mobile phones and more are more stable, reliable and cheaper too because of these open-source software and platforms...

and more ..


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