Monday, March 13, 2006

delayed Fedora Core Linux 5

"Due to circumstances outside of our control, we're going to be unable tokeep to the scheduled date of March 15th for the release of FC5 and instead are going to have to make the release date Monday, March 20th.While unfortunate in some ways, this gives us the opportunity to pull inthe final GNOME 2.14 tarballs which should be available on Mondayassuming the changes are suitably minor."

Sadly, the above was a notice email coming from RedHat mailing list sent by Jeremy Katz.

Due to long hour recompilation and at the same time, which may or may not include latest version of Gnome which was set to be released on or before 20th of March fortunately.

Based from FC5 test 2 release, you will enormously feel the BIG screen show-off difference. The way mouse moves and interacts, puppy updater, early-boot login, suspend mode, active directory, SELinux, added and modified ATI/NVidia video drivers, bluetooth, PCI and wifi native drivers and more bleeding-edge and razor-sharp technology apps to come!

Moreover, the mailing list and forum are really growing bigger and higher in numbers.

application in life:
pick up the pieces of the past versions and move on with anew life version :)


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