Friday, March 31, 2006

Total Solar Eclipse

I saw it around 1049AM GMT+1. It was spectacular and amazing. A few hours before lunch break, lights begins to fade out as if the sun was swallowed by a big whale shark dumping him in the dark blue below the seas, never again to be seen.

Nope, it was not the end of the world!

The eclipse lasted over 4 minutes at maximum and visible by millions of people over a path up to 190km wide, CNN said.

Any cultural signs. Oh, that was long time during mediaval times.

You have a copy it?

Nope, I didn't find the time to digitally capture it.

Again and when?

This spectacular event would happen again by June 2008 again in EuroAsia. The next total eclipse of the Sun in mainland Europe is in 2026.

I was just late to blog it. So watch out for it next time...

spectacular events refreshes life's candy eyes...


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