Friday, March 31, 2006

Total Solar Eclipse

I saw it around 1049AM GMT+1. It was spectacular and amazing. A few hours before lunch break, lights begins to fade out as if the sun was swallowed by a big whale shark dumping him in the dark blue below the seas, never again to be seen.

Nope, it was not the end of the world!

The eclipse lasted over 4 minutes at maximum and visible by millions of people over a path up to 190km wide, CNN said.

Any cultural signs. Oh, that was long time during mediaval times.

You have a copy it?

Nope, I didn't find the time to digitally capture it.

Again and when?

This spectacular event would happen again by June 2008 again in EuroAsia. The next total eclipse of the Sun in mainland Europe is in 2026.

I was just late to blog it. So watch out for it next time...

spectacular events refreshes life's candy eyes...

Monday, March 20, 2006

FC5 officially released

Most awaited linux distro is now officially released.

200 GMT, March 20, 2006.

Fedora Core 5.

I am currently downloading the 386 DVD version of it from here:

DVD labels can be found here:

Enjoy and have fun!

application in life:
insert the DVD and do your kungfu !

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Philippine medical open-source project - finalist in Stockholm Challenge

The Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS), the open source patient tracking system designed by the Medical Informatics Unit of the University of the Philippines for community health centers, is one of the finalists in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2006.

The Stockholm Challenge Award is an annual competition for the best initiatives that accelerate the use of information technology for the social and economic benefit of citizens and communities. Its objective is to help local entrepreneurs who work to close the digital divide by bringing in research communities, development organisations and strong corporate initiatives.

CHITS is one of the five Filipino finalists in this year's competition. The other finalists are: the Art Experience, Project Ryan (Hot City Wireless), Rice Knowledge Bank, and Young MDG.
CHITS was first rolled out in a pilot program in Pasay City. It gives doctors, nurses, midwives and barangay health workers access to data for critical decision-making.

The system stores treatment history, immunization records, consultation appointments, and Philhealth membership of patients for easy organization and retrieval. It also gives an integrated view for their program frontliners, particularly those involved in tuberculosis, vaccination, maternal care, and child care.
CHITS also forms part of the stream of information that begins with data collection by midwives and health workers, traverses the provincial and regional health offices, and ends with the Department of Health. It helps with policy development and decision-making processes as to what programs to roll out and what resources to allocate.

CHITS was funded largely by PANASIA-ICT, a collaboration between UNDP and IDRC of Canada. The systems developed within the project context is in the public domain as free and open source software (GNU GPL). Dr. Alvin Marcelo, one of the proponents of CHITS, was selected as Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines for his contributions to the project. The CHITS web site can be visited at

The winners of the Stockholm Challenge Awards will be announced on May 11, 2006. Its web site can be visited at

we all become more human when we not only discover but share new things and stuff

Monday, March 13, 2006

delayed Fedora Core Linux 5

"Due to circumstances outside of our control, we're going to be unable tokeep to the scheduled date of March 15th for the release of FC5 and instead are going to have to make the release date Monday, March 20th.While unfortunate in some ways, this gives us the opportunity to pull inthe final GNOME 2.14 tarballs which should be available on Mondayassuming the changes are suitably minor."

Sadly, the above was a notice email coming from RedHat mailing list sent by Jeremy Katz.

Due to long hour recompilation and at the same time, which may or may not include latest version of Gnome which was set to be released on or before 20th of March fortunately.

Based from FC5 test 2 release, you will enormously feel the BIG screen show-off difference. The way mouse moves and interacts, puppy updater, early-boot login, suspend mode, active directory, SELinux, added and modified ATI/NVidia video drivers, bluetooth, PCI and wifi native drivers and more bleeding-edge and razor-sharp technology apps to come!

Moreover, the mailing list and forum are really growing bigger and higher in numbers.

application in life:
pick up the pieces of the past versions and move on with anew life version :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

achieved $5500 US dollar

under career mode.
it took me 2 hour to get this amount of money, no perspiration, no hardpress work and not much brain cells burned with this one. i used a few driving skills, some road speed calculations and estimates plus city familiarity and being speed-fast driver.
what are you talking about?
need for speed, underground 2. that is the driving name of the game.
check out here link
usefulness in life:
drag-race and speed-drive without speedlimit, without having to pay for any damages, without
seatbelt, without police and traffic enforcer, even without a driver's license and at your own home convenience using NFS underground 2

free open-source CMS

Open Source Content Management System

this free CMS would greatly contribute to linux communities and developers.

i was just evaluating some of them and profoundly amazed by what these tools can provide website content administrator and developer. Be it static or dynamic, it should serve as a good starting run-away point.

some names are
Drupal -
Joomla -

free open-source community had served a lot and achieved more than what have been imagined and expected until now by people.

FOSS, GPL, GNU and linux plays happily together.

application in life:
a. atleast you pay cheaper money on private hospital since they are using free medical software and tools developed and driven by community.

b.your clock, watch, laptops, PDAs, routers, mobile phones and more are more stable, reliable and cheaper too because of these open-source software and platforms...

and more ..

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

free stuff from Micro$oft

Have you heard of the big-evil giant bird giving away first aid help to small-poor ants?

I have nothing to post really as the time has always been filled up by my no non-sense mind-tiring never-ending daily routine job.

So, where's the free ones?

Hold your horses. IT IS STILL FREE from Micro$oft.

Get these Visual Tools FREE of CHARGE here :

..while supply lasts. (maybe it was mistake link !)

application in life:
When that link goes down, you can start selling it for cheaper price as a memorabillia!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

angels and more

my ever wonderful growing amazing angels

growing up

First Day in the world, seeing your parents for the first time. Everything is cool and everything is just fine. Mommy is happy Daddy is proud; they been waiting nine months to see their first child.

You learn to walk, you start to talk, and your learning new things. Your parents see you growing up and all the talents you bring, The world sees you as a trouble maker because of the color of your skin. But your family sees you differently because they see what's within.

You're a teenager now you think you know it all. You drive, you date, you smoke and drink. You think your parents are Lost. You don't realize your another statistic in the world today. And you overlook the pain you caused and the love your friends and family portray.

The world laughs in your face because of a little 'fun' that got you in jail. Little do you know the road your on only leads to hell. Your Parents are praying that you get your act together. So you can be caught up and live with Jesus forever.

Mom and Dad have been fasting and praying that you get back on track. And after two years of time the Lord finally brought you back. You thanked your family for all there prayers. And then thanked the Man who lives upstairs.

It was your PRAYING family that brought you out. They had faith in you and lost no doubt. They stuck by you through think and thin; and let the Lord step right in. He took control of you one night he gave you strength and gave your might. He gave you a gift that no human can give and promised you life so that you can live.

After years of heartache, sin, and frustration you decided to walk with God and become an inspiration. You talk to young children who are headed on the wrong path. You teach them to Pray, read the Bible, and to Fast. You told them who you once were and who you became to be. And they learned that a Praying family can help set you free.

'Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.'

by Anonymous...

(searched from Google)

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