Thursday, February 23, 2006

embedded spam code

yes, it was an embedded spam code.

you will receive it from your eboxes. at first, it looks like text-based email, but it's not. it was an image representing codes, letters and drugs, on which the recipient might be familiar of. no wonder an elementary grade student can read it for you easily, atleast half of its content.

so where is the hidden code anyway? how and where to find it?

try to highlight the email content first and copy, fire up your favorite text editor and paste it there, walaah! the hidden codes is there shown in different text format! which were apparently different from the time when you were viewing it before from your mail client a few minutes ago. just incase you failed with the copy and paste command, check the below pasted equivalent hidden spam code:

X s a m n y a d x c V x I n A g G t R c A w V i A l L r l g U d M u C x I s A a L k I v S w A h m b b b i m e z n u

at the right is the captured image. interesting though.

application in life?

what was the force and numbers behind building the great pyramids of egypt? is there hidden codes there?

only in the twilight zone....


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