Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Woopra: Web Analytics Desktop Client For Linux

Woopra is a webmasters dream come true, as a stat junkie I couldn’t have asked for a better analytics and I can’t think how they can possibly make it any better than it already is. Woopra is one of a kind Web Analytics that easily puts Google Analytics to shame with real time, feature rich information with a desktop client. Most importantly, since the client is based on Java, it is platform independent and you can install it on your favorite Linux Distro.

Currently Woopra is on beta stage and users are invite only; however you can still register and they might invite you if they have more opening for beta -testers. The only requirements for installing woopra client is that you have at least java 1.6 installed; of course you still need to have an account for you to use it with your website. The beta-testers themselves have limitations of 10,000 hits per day, after that the client won’t log/update information.

There are too many features to mention, but to highlight some of the key features of Woopra:

1) Live World Map View:

2) Live Viewers Activity in Real-time:

3) Dashboard with Summary of Information:

4) Chatting live with individual website viewer (thanks to a viewer for sending me the screenshot):

Thanks to Woopra, one of the important things we have learned about our readers is that they use mostly windows (more than 70%) and use Firefox 3 browsers…

UPDATE: Just added a video of Woopra live in action during digg hit, recorded by the guys at geekbrief.tv, sorry for the autoplay video, not sure how to manual play it.

Also, if you like, you can digg this.

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