Thursday, September 18, 2008

Switching from Windows the easy way

Switching from Windows the easy way

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto, Chris Burt

Linux Journal featured an article on how to switch from Windows in 3-easy steps. To summarize, step 1 - introduce open source applications that run on both Windows and Linux, step 2 - dual-boot Windows and Linux and step 3 - weed out Windows from the computer.

In my three-step process, it is a bit simpler for the user BUT requires a little bit more work for you, the Linux user. Step 1 is the same. Step 2 has two options - either you use WINE and get his/her commonly-used Windows apps or use virtualbox and have Windows running on it. Step 3 is the same as above.

Based on my experience, a dual-boot system is often left booting up on Windows with no Linux presence on the desktop whatsoever. This definitely defeats the purpose of switching. With WINE - you can opt to selectively install Windows applications that are supported by WINE *and* have no Linux alternative. With Virtualbox, there is a performance penalty for running the Windows applications. :)

So - take your pick, which one do you think it is better - short of wiping out the HDD and installing Ubuntu and leaving the user with no other Windows access? :)

PS. What's with the image? Well, the person is smiling because he no longer has to deal with malware, trojans and viruses that plague Windows! :P

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