Sunday, September 21, 2008

Event Report: Benedict College

Another person that I met at the Palmetto Open Source Conference this year was Dr. Hong Jiang a professor at Benedict College. She invited me to come speak to computer science and other students. I was told around 40-100 would show up, but when everything was said and done I think the number was closer to 120-150. The lecture room was standing room only. Apparently there are about 40 people in the class that I was talking to, but the event had been well publicized ahead of time, and lots of students attended, including the Vice President of the college, the Assistant Dean of the School of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as 3-4 professors. I talked a bit about Fedora and more directly about the benefits of using Open Source as an educational tool. I talked about some of the opportunities that existed to get involved with Fedora and OLPC - and of course the XO that I brought along received lots of attention. In addition I passed out over 100 Fedora 9 LiveCDs.There were a number of questions - to the point that we had to limit them due to schedule constraints on the room.

After the presentation I received a short tour of the campus, was introduced to the campus Police Chief, as well as several other faculty and staff members, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

The group was very receptive - and I have a number of follow ups to make already.

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