Friday, September 26, 2008

Event Report: Atlanta Linux Fest

I attended the Atlanta Linux Fest on Saturday. The event was organized mainly by Ubuntu’s Georgia LoCo, but had assistance from several of the other LUGs in the area. Dave Yates, podcaster extraordinaire, claims attendance at 144. For a first year event that’s a great turn out. I was invited to talk about what’s coming in Fedora 10 and also talked about some interesting things like Cobbler, FreeIPA, and OLPC. I have had a number of people come up and tell me that they’ve never heard of FreeIPA and an equal number that want to get involved with OLPC. It’s nice to meet some new faces and put some faces with old names. Jas Eckard had his OLPC XO and that of course drew lots of attention. This event has completely wiped me out with regards to swag.

We came away with a number of ideas - including the thought of creating a Southeast Open Source blog aggregator - ie Open Source Southeast Planet. We are trying this out with our Local LUG right now - Planet UCLUG lives, though it needs a ton of work from someone who can make things pretty. Hopefully will have something Southeast wide shortly.

I had a number of people come up to me at the event after I mentioned FreeIPA as another cool thing being worked on in Fedora. They were absolutely awestruck - and virtually no one had heard of the project. Another Fedora Project that made waves was First Aid Kit which I mentioned almost right after someone talked about what to do if grub became hosed in Ubuntu.

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