Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Install Fedora 9 From The Internet

Fedora 9 Linux OS can be installed from many variety of ways. There are a lot of Fedora ISOs you can download depending on your system architecture and resources. One of which is that Fedora 9 can be installed via the internet.

Here's how to install Fedora 9 from the internet.

Fedora 9 Installation via Internet

Step One

If you have  x386 users, download Fedora 9 net iso from here. But if you have x86_64, download F9 net ISO from here.

The F9 net ISO is around 115MB in size.

Step Two

Burn the ISO to CD. Insert your CD to your CD drive and reboot from it.

Step Three

Anaconda installer would finally ask you where to get F9 rpm packages and where are they available from.

For x386 users, simply enter

For x86_x64

Follow the Anaconda wizard type of installation and select all your required software packages. Worry not for dependencies as it would be carefully taken care of.

Relax and get a tea, all will be set in a few moments depending on your internet speed.

All is done.

This post was entirely based from Fedora Forum post. To get F9 CD ISOs, get it here.


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