Saturday, February 25, 2006

state of emergency declaration

23 February 2006.

Twenty years. The last time this tremendous and colosal unity of public defiance members, allies, opportunist politicians and leftis, medias, local citizens, military and rebels successfully and eventually overthrew ex-president Ferdinand E. Marcos, his family and righthands- that was Feb 1986.

Again, this time around was not for a masculine president. It was an unconfirmed plot to overthrow current president Gloria Macapagal-Arryo (GMA) - daughter of late ex-president Diosdado Macapagal.

State of emergency was declared.

Media, journalist and publicist are being upholded their rights contributing to Freedom of Press civil rights.

Rallies in EDSA Shrine. Malacanang Palace.

What more do we need? What future behold Philippines islands?

Citizen's deaths and casualties vs presidential supreme sacrifice?

Remind's me of an old phrase.
"When two big elephants fight each other whatever the cause is, it is the grass that suffers the most."

Considering these haze and quarrels, political unstability, economic uncertainty, mere politicals facts and opinions, still I am proud to say, I am Filipino.
Dollar to peso exchange rate now is $1 = P52.1 . Six months ago it was P55.9 .
Would continue listening to CNN and BBC broadcast. Goodness, WWW updates us a lot.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

embedded spam code

yes, it was an embedded spam code.

you will receive it from your eboxes. at first, it looks like text-based email, but it's not. it was an image representing codes, letters and drugs, on which the recipient might be familiar of. no wonder an elementary grade student can read it for you easily, atleast half of its content.

so where is the hidden code anyway? how and where to find it?

try to highlight the email content first and copy, fire up your favorite text editor and paste it there, walaah! the hidden codes is there shown in different text format! which were apparently different from the time when you were viewing it before from your mail client a few minutes ago. just incase you failed with the copy and paste command, check the below pasted equivalent hidden spam code:

X s a m n y a d x c V x I n A g G t R c A w V i A l L r l g U d M u C x I s A a L k I v S w A h m b b b i m e z n u

at the right is the captured image. interesting though.

application in life?

what was the force and numbers behind building the great pyramids of egypt? is there hidden codes there?

only in the twilight zone....

Friday, February 17, 2006

my blogspot redefined

riday. No good cable shows. No good local TV. and no good CNN news either!

Went back to play Battle of Realms, race Wolf this time but faster game speed, resources and more enemies!

Am defeated again.
Oh well, back to Need for Speed Underground, non-career race track this time.

I was defeated by Wolf clan.

Time to redefine my blogspot now.

Colors and themes, it make take a while as am still recalling some CSS commands, arg. The possibilities and effects of incorporating it with dynamic pages.

This may take a while.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

alternative web browser

Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Avant, Netscape, Safari, SeaMonkey, Icab. You heard the names. You may have tried one or tried switching to another one and realized you have the same feeling of browsing the web using it. You think it does not matter what browser you are using - it really does.

Why should you care?

Viruses, trojan horses, spyware, adware, spams, keyloggers, security, will tell you why.

Fortunately, there are lots of browsers you can choose from as of this date. They are far better, more secure and more flexible to use with. Most of leading rivals are now cross-platform. Similar features you can notice from them are:

Tabbed browsing
Modern web pages with HTML, CSS, SSL, and JavaScript
Cookies and cookie management
Plugins and Java Ad blocking and/or pop-up blocking
Download Managers
Integrated Search
Favorites/Bookmarks and import
and more security.


If one browser firesup one level from another browser to keep up with market share, all browsers improve and everybody wins.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine is a Day

February is known as the love month, St. Valentine’s Day being celebrated annually every 14th day of this month.

Happy D day for all Valentines!

New Picasa version

Google and Codeweavers are now working hand in hand to bring Picasa in Linux.
Images, pictures and more in Linux will be much more beautiful and more organized.

Imagine the continuous fight and struggle of Google to, one step at a time, place the G word every major thing in our sytem. This will come soon in both worlds.

However, I have also heard that it will run under Wine. Wine is an open-source technology that provide Windows API (Application Programmer's Interface). Wine is definitely not an emulator.
It serves as a middleware API for windows program like M$ Office to be executed and run under Linux OS with slowing it down and interfering it. In fact, WINE is faster than XP!
But not everybody uses it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

FC5T2 - Fedora Core 5 Test 2

i thought it would be interesting to see a review of this upcoming fedora core 5 final release, hopefully by march 15, 2006.

a new logo as you can see.
infinity + fedora + voice = the new logo.

i was one of the first ones to download FC4 final release the first day it was officially planning to dowload FC5 final the first day it will be officially released. there would be like 7 to 10 days extensions, as i heard that there is need for major recompilation with gcc .

not against ubuntu:
ubuntu is really good for beginners and window$ professionals. however, after dloading the DVD version and ordering the free CD, the more time i spent with it (ubuntu linux),the less interest i had with it. i felt like getting back to XP machines from clicking and moving around with it...something like my hands were missing stuff from the keyboard. yes, it was really good and nice for desktops and laptops for beginners i may say i would recommend it for desktops and laptops for newbies and noobs.

so how do i feel about fedora?

well fedora is powerful yet unpolished server os that contains thousands of libraries and applications,
which makes it powerful but daunting. it has the potential when it comes to secure, reliable and stable bleeding-edge linux distro. i may have some compains with it as it is not yet a user friendly one to everybody, wherein you can put it besides the Window$ XP box in a store sale, no newbies or noobs would grab it and am sure a techie would give a copy or download it for you. redhat developers focuses on stability and reliability of an OS. looks and art designs arent yet their priority as most icons, images, and default themes havent improved yet,except for the bluetheme curve, which is the default nice theme though. but hey, most users needs friendly OS for first times. another one, NTFS/FAT is not automatically mounted nor recognized on default installation. security is a pirce of crappy excuse for me. most of us cannot be contented with a single distro as the OS comparison terms would not exists then. but ever since i have it, i have achieved a better OS after redhat, much more relaible, stable, update manageability and bleeding-edge linux distro.

all in all, i am sticking with it as server.
as free linux distro. see more of Fedora Core Linux here

victory is mine - manny pacquiao

i must be late to blog about the championship between mr. manny pacquiao and mr. eric morales for the second time. mr. morales was totally knocked-down in the 10th round,
as i saw from replay last sunday morning here with supersports 1 channel.

imagine that, another fight from both of them this year end for the third time!

this proves another fame and triumph for filipino around the world,
regardless of personal boxing interest...

hmmm...wonder if he was still with old management, would he still achieve the same outcome???

nevertheless, congratulations mr. pacman! keep it up!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

registered linux counter

Recent post reminds me of my linux counter

statistics shows daily counter increases amazingly, which has always been a threat to leading monopoly, since the age of Linuz Torvalds.

you can check it out more with statistics shows 68% of webserver are now being served by apache. see it here

Folding at Home

Recent post reminds me of my linux counter

statistics shows daily counter increases amazingly, which has always been a threat to leading monopoly, since the age of Linuz Torvalds.

you can check it out more with statistics shows 68% of webserver are now being served by apache. see it here

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