Monday, October 6, 2008

Luc Verhaegen: Updated hackergotchi.

Just spent 12 days in malta, on a holiday that included a lot of eating, drinking (cocktails and Cisk lager), talking tons of nonsense (as per usual) with equally interesting people, a lot of swimming, some culture (mostly churches :(), and even some hiking.

Being in a mediterranean climate in early autumn has some effect on a persons appearance...

Ordinarily, since i ride a bicycle or fly gliders on the weekend, my skin colour is two-toned, as i don't tend to expose much of my geeky white body to sunlight directly. But now, after a lot of swimming and wearing shorts and some sunbathing, i am somewhat more evenly coloured.

I also lost my long hair. For about half my life, i wore my hair very long. I had stopped wearing it in a ponytail about 5 years ago and have been thinking about cutting it off for a few months now. But now the salt water and the direct sunlight made my hair very unruly and uncontrollable. So the decision was made, and it got the axe there and then. As usual, i either do all or nothing, so i went from shoulder-length (for those bits that still wanted to go that far) to about 7mm all over.

So far, I've received an "Oh Gott", a few "who are you and what have you done to libv"s, a few nervous giggles and a lot of surprised looks, but overall, after the shock has worn off, impressions seem to be very positive. Especially today is a bit interesting, now that i'm in the office again :)

In any case, i needed to spend half an hour with the southpark generator, as my previous hackergotchi was kind of out of touch with reality:

And no, that is not a peace sign i am making, it's a secret hand-symbol that only a select few will understand :)

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