Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look Ma, No ‘X’

INX is an interesting Linux distro released today, which is based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and it is console only, without any graphical “X” programs. According to the release note INX is intended as a ‘tutorial’ and “introduction to the Bash command line”. It is important to note that INX is not the only console-only Linux distro. However their intention seems to be clear, as they are looking to build a console only “liveCD” distro which is “fun, and not intimidating for console beginners.”

Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager? Click for larger image.

Some information about INX 1.0, quoting from their website:

“INX 1.0 also includes new features; you can now set up wireless with the “Ceni” tool from the INX “Net & Web” menu. You can use your mouse with programs like xlinks2, elinks, mc, and the jed text editor. In addition to the powerful GNU Screen program, INX now sports the “Dvtm” Dynamic Virtual Terminal Manager, a “tiled terminal manager”.”

Not to confuse with my earlier post, I think there are enough supporters for both console users and GUI lovers to have distros specifically designed for their needs. If you are into consoles you might want to give INX a shot.


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