Thursday, October 19, 2006

IE7 released

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 was released last night.

Internet Explorer 7 is a huge improvement over IE6, with anti-phishing technologies and ActiveX opt-in, just to name a few. The Phishing Filter and the architectural work in IE7 around networking and ActiveX opt-in will help keep users more secure. IE7 also delivers a much easier browsing experience with features like tabbed browsing (especially with QuickTabs), shrink-to-fit printing, an easily customizable search box, and a new design that leaves more screen real estate for the web site you’re viewing. IE7’s CSS improvements are incredibly important for developers as many of you have made quite clear. I also think IE7’s RSS experience and platform are important, powerful, and innovative.

Unluckily the biggest security improvement, the sandboxing of the browser, will only be available in Vista, and several other security features are only available from XP forward.

Download it directly here

Some major features:

Tabbed browsing:
A lot of browsers around have this feature for quite a long time. To name a few, like Mozilla/Firefox, Avant, and Opera browsers have been enjoying user-download clicks from their dload site for this tabbed browsing enabled feature. It provides convenience and browsing flexibility as you dont have to open a new separate window and manageability to simple click on the same parent window to look over another browsing site and more. No kidding, I had this last year!

RSS feeder:
Same with Avant and Opera browser. Read your news with this RSS feeder available with other non-IE browser. You cant do that for now with IE6 unless you download a separate application to feed your mind with news simplicity.

Enhanced browsing security like anti-phishing, malicious software and activity detection by activeX component, improved CSS architecture and function, pop-up blocker has been around loooong time.
You can even download a separate toolbar component and youre good to go.

I hope, the first malicious IE7 security flaw would not appear within the first month of this date.


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