Monday, October 9, 2006

back online

hi blogspot. its nice to be back online from a three-month vacation.

i just dropped by here, sending you some letters and symbols just to let you know that im back to post for more, shout for more and more...

its now 2:30AM, just feel i just need to have a short taste of hot coffee and get a glimpse of hot items from redundant CNN news. will take some 'whats-going-on' from the world i guess.

i just need to fix and put some time with my old system, do some simple file management, setup and install some applications and need-to-have softwares that boost most of my job functions and provide me more skills uptime and a better proactive senses i guess. some backups restoration, current work maps, collaborative staff and helpful minds recall, so i can move along these coming days...

heard google bought youtube and n. korea successfully tested nukes, i was sleeping when they happenned.

browsed some old mobile pix and digipix backedup with my other flash disk, would post and upload some of them so the web would know them atleast...

mmm. looking and evaluating new OS i guess would be my last activity this month end if time and work permits.

my sheepish smiles,... with some digipix of my funny kids and their weird-stuff doings.

did some google search about some contacts of old time friends., snip.

sit down and get some sleep, activated......




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