Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unix Geek Reviews Fedora 9

I haven’t used a Fedora Linux system since Fedora Core 2.  Back then the yum updater was terrible and I went looking in search of something that sucked a lot less.  On the recommendation of a few folks at the local LUG, I ended up on Ubuntu, and haven’t looked back.  Now that our office has a couple of CentOS 5.2 machines I figured it might be time to give an RPM and YUM based Linux distro another look.

The installation of Fedora 9 wasn’t terribly difficult.  It asked me a few questions about how I wanted the disk arranged, create a non-root user and such.  Typical Linux stuff.  I chose to do a network based install due to a severe lack of spare DVD’s around the office, and a fairly narrow T1 shared by 5 people.  It took a fair amount of time to build the system, and download updates but I expected that.

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